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PVC core for Contactless card

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Product model Product name Thickness Range mm Color Vicat ℃ dynes/cm Apparent density g/cm3 Peel strength N/cm Main application
PVC-AF-1 ZK-AF-E core sheet for contactless card 


0.06~0.60 White 70±2 72±2 34~44 1.33~1.42 / It is mainly used for making radio frequency card. Non-contact IC card is also called radio frequency card. It is mainly used for the automatic fare collection system of public transportation, ferry and underground, and also used for access control, identification paper and electronic purse. Such kind of low-Vicat PVC material can make core in contact with the electronic components better, so as to reduce possible damage and avoid surface irregularities of card.
PVC-AF-2 PVC-AF-D Printing sheet for Contactless card


0.06~0.25 White 78±2 72±2 34~44 1.33~1.42 / It is mainly used for making top-grade contactless card. High covering power, capable of providing maximum opaqueness to avoid perspective, it is stiffer and stable more.


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