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Foundation of quality assurance: the company passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2001. 
Through the comprehensive implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, our company has developed quality management mechanism with reasonable structure, good operation and constant improvement, so as to carry out the quality control to the whole process from quality planning, new products R&D, incoming quality control and inspection, productive process control to after-sales service of products delivery.



Quality policy of company 
Produce high-quality products with reliable quality system, and ensure wide customers' satisfaction with leading technical services.
Quality objectives
To be the excellent supplier for card base material in global card-making industry
Quality control process 
Testing Center: The company has the card base material testing center with the large scale and advanced testing instrument in China, there are more than 40 sets of domestic and overseas testing apparatus now: 90-degree peel strength tester, high and low temperature test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber, vancometer, roughmeter, UV and xenon lamp aging tester, thermal deformation Vicat tester, tension tester, artificial leather cold resistance tester, high polymer material hydromechanics analysis meter, WGW, Colorimeter, plastic low temperature embrittlement tester, IC card bending performance testing machine, Smart Card stripping resistance tester, Free-Falling Dart impact tester and so on. The duty of testing center is to analyze and detect the quality of raw& auxiliary material entering the factory and outgoing product. Viscosity, volatile matter, melting point, whiteness, etc. of raw& auxiliary materials are mainly detected, testing indicators of finished products: Vicat, bending distortion, light transmittance, tensile yield strength, roughness, glossiness, whiteness, ratio of expansion and contraction, surface tension, etc.
Raw& auxiliary materials testing: Carry out the testing works with quality control of supplier as priority.
Finished products inspection:
Product control process is essential, in order to ensure that product quality of the company meets the final customer's demands, the company strictly performs the requirements of various regulations during production process: quality planning, instructor, process operating rules, flow chart, product specification, procedure parameter, state or international standard, enterprise standard, quality system standard. At the same time, be sure to ensure that each piece of card base material is cleaned and picked manually, being up to the purpose of long-term stable quality of products.