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In the philosophy of "Talent Cultivation First,Enterprise Achievement Second",the company always regards the staff as the most important resource of the company.Jiangyin Zhongka Card-base New Material Co.,Ltd.establishes the equitable and high-efficiency evaluation,distribution,motivation and constraint system,and provides and trains the high-class human resources for the company to achieve the mutual development and win-win value of the company and the staff.Facing the constant change of the external environment,we always advocate the work style of "Strict&Impartial,Hardworking,Practical,Efficient"and strive to build a group full of opening consciousness and learning awareness and an organization atmosphere which constantly goes beyond itself.


Innovation   Struggle   Dedication

Innovation-Interpretation: Strengthen the construction and management of the enterprise in innovative way. Track the advanced technology of the industry, constantly carry out technology innovation, and devote itself to achieving the goals of whole value chain of enterprises, customers and suppliers and mutual benefit promotion of related stakeholders.


Struggle-Interpretation: Adhere to establishing the urgency and crisis consciousness, and establish the concept of “Not to Advance Is to Go Back, Slow Improvement Is Recession”. Thereby promoting everybody wants to “Struggle”, everybody is good at “Struggling” and everything needs to be “Struggled”, so a gratifying situation of flowers blooming, horses running, talents generation and benefit increase.


Dedication-Interpretation: Adhere to respecting the job, scrupulously abiding by the duty, and diligently doing everything; adhere to setting itself an example to others, trying best and daring to undertake the responsibility and risk; adhere to studying hard, constantly progressing, keeping improvement, constantly surpassing and devoting to ...