New product development

Card in the strength of technology research and development department, according to customer requirements can be specifically tailored to the customers.

1、Customers can provide samples, samples provided by my company for material analysis, physical and mechanical properties test to determine the material composition and so on, color, design, optimum process recipe, production process, product development conform to the sample performance.
2、According to the requirements of the customers to provide various performance data and price, design the best formula, the production operation process, to develop products that meet the needs of customers.


The latest product

Product model Name The thickness range(mm)  Color Finish Principal to point
ZK-PETG High temperature resistant PETG 0.06-0.40 white Both sides of the extinction Belong to the environmental protection high-end card base material, used for all kinds of high temperature resistance, such as CARDS, ETC) d card in 105-125 degrees.
ZK-AB/IC Financial IC card 0.25~0.85 white Both sides of the extinction Financial IC card is also known as the chip card, medium on the chip card. Divided into contact and non-contact (and contact + noncontact dual interface card) is mainly used for bank card, social security card, etc.
ZK-PETG-QU PETG Strong with film 0.06~0.10 Transparent Both sides of the extinction Company independent development and production of PETG laminated film, making for PETG CARDS, solve traditional PETG film and offset printing ink's card core layer upon layer pressure rickety phenomenon, simplify the fabrication process, save time, high bonding strength.
PVC-PK Playing CARDS 0.10~0.85 white The surface is bright and clean Vicat temperature to 78 + 2 ℃, it is mainly used for all kinds of printing, coating, ordinary sheet for the color prints. Production of high-grade export poker with shading performance is good, good rigidity, the characteristics of a blow, wear-resisting, easy to printing